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Jeash simplifies modern browser programming, basing its development toolchain around a best-of-bread API (AVM2) and inference typed language (haXe), alleviating programmers from learning multiple paradigms, ideologies and semantic minutae.

Jeash is free and open-source, provided under the MIT License. It uses the haXe programming language to compile to javascript code, the HTML5 canvas element to draw graphics. Due to haXe's multi-platform output, jeash can gracefuly degrade between flash and javascript, or to deploy to native mobile platforms using NME.

» Download Jeash-0.8.7

Getting started with NME


Jeash is now fully integrated into NME, allowing you to write both browser games and mobile apps running at native performance, using the same flash API that Adobe created.

If you have haxelib installed, getting started is a few commands away:

haxelib install nme
haxelib run nme setup html5

NME comes with it's own build system that will scaffold the asset management code for each platform.


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Flash API


Jeash implements large parts of the flash API (more than any other html5 library), this gives you the tools to be productive, without worrying about the underlying framework:

public function new() { var g:Graphics =; g.beginFill(0xFF0000, 0.5); g.drawCircle(0, 0, 8); g.endFill(); this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, onMouseDownHandler); this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, onMouseUpHandler); } function onMouseDownHandler( { this.startDrag(); }



The following browsers are supported:


If you are missing support for a browser, you can gracefuly degrade back to the flash version, or vice versa.


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